Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Adoption is a word that can have different meanings depending on who is in the picture. To someone looking to adopt a child it is a process more difficult than being pregnant. Only those that have gone through that process can appreciate what I am saying. My focus here is the perspective of a child that is without a home. Children have illusions, thoughts, misconceptions, and pain in their heart when they think about this thing of adoption. All they really know is that they want a mommy and daddy. It is a sad thing that Irma and I deal with and see in the children that come to us. We are called mommy and pappy and take that temporary spot for many. They need your prayers. Each child needs a deep touch of God's love. Too many will not reach that special place or goal of being adopted. Many will not have a good loving home to go back to. Yes, pray for a real touch of His love. Pray for us to pour out as much love as we can to help them have good thoughts of motherly love, and to feel the secure and pure love of a father.
God bless you all and have a wonderful day!